What is blue collar meaning?Why its called blue collar?

Blue collar meaning,workers work most often in a non-office setting (construction site, production line, driving etc.). They use their hands and physical abilities to perform their duties.

What exactly type of jobs

Examples of blue collar employees include construction worker,machine operator,ac technician,mechanic,driver,cook,office boys,supervisor,security guard,electrician,tailor,housekeeping,house maid,plumber,nurse,delivery boy,checker,barber.

The blue collar job definition doesn’t specify the skill level or the type of pay workers receive: they can be skilled or unskilled, waged or salaried.

They can also do the job in office sitting and they can also do the work in fields,it is totally peoples mind that this kind of job have only laboring but it is not necessary.

So they are now a days are very demanding in various industry and industry also spend money for there growth and there training.

Since in India all industry are continuously growth in manufacturing the goods and in bulk the demand of workers are very.

A survey held recently told that the demands does not comes in seasoning but it also comes every season.It does imply that employees are likely to do jobs that can get their clothes dirty – e.g. from soil or grease.

Might be before some day the trends of hiring workers was according to the festive season but now this trends is changed in approx every industry in india.

To developing the country in manufacturing the industry needs to keep the worker in bulk and availability of them are for all time.

This is the source of the “blue collar” meaning, dating from the beginning of the 20th century when these workers were wearing darker clothes than “white collar” workers, or clothes more resistant to the increased wear and tear of physical work, such as blue denim. However, workers in some service professions could also be categorized as being blue collar, e.g. home health aides or cashiers.