How To Prepare For Fresher Jobs In Mumbai.

Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in India for non-tech jobs and lots of college graduates dream of fresher jobs in Mumbai. The city, also known as the financial capital of India, is a contrasting place, there are plentiful jobs, but there is also a very high competition to get a job. To get some of the highest paying jobs in 2019 in Mumbai you need to be prepared well. And to make it easier for you we have made a short guide on how to prepare for them –

Understand the industry and jobs on offer

Fresher jobs in Mumbai come from various sectors and industries. Unlike cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Chennai where IT jobs are the main focus, Mumbai is a mixed bag. The city has many industries, and most of the top companies in India have their headquarters based here, especially the old ones. Here are some of the types of companies you will find in the city –

Consider the cost of moving and salary expectations

If you are a native of Mumbai then finding fresher jobs in Mumbai is not a challenge. However, if, like lakhs of other people in India, you are dreaming of finding jobs in 2019 in Mumbai, then you need to analyze a lot of things.

Cost of living – Rs. 10,000 in Mumbai is not the same as Rs. 10,000 in Jaipur or Indore! The city has the highest cost of living even compared to other major Indian cities like Delhi and Bangalore. The cost of rents is very high, and most freshers tend to share apartments with other youngsters. This kind of a lifestyle might not appeal to everyone, and might not be sustainable. You need to be mentally prepared for this else it will start affecting your job and career.

Salary – Most fresher jobs in Mumbai pay anywhere between Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 25,000 depending on the industry. If you compare, a sales position in Kolkata will pay lower than a sales position in Mumbai; this is because the companies account for higher cost of living, conveyance charges, etc. Don’t aim for fresher jobs in Mumbai just because they pay 10-25% higher than other jobs in your city. Your expenses are going to be higher too!

The biggest paradox in the lives of freshers is that you need the experience to get a job and a job to get experience. Companies are reluctant to hire freshers without experience and a job to get experience. Companies are reluctant to hire freshers without experience not because they enjoy crushing your ambitions to live in a rented 12-storeyed flat or afford a trip to goa. It may be because of an

1)Incompetent resume,

2)Insufficient technical and soft-skills

3)Lack of workplace etiquette

But don’t get disappointed because, of course, you can get a job! Here’s how you can get a job easy steps:

Find a suitable job which excites you

Here’s how to go about it:

To figure out if a job excites you, let us take an example. Have you always found sketching to be fun? Then check for jobs in designing. Did you enjoy writing  essays in school? Well, Content Writing could be the job for you. Make a list of career options that you find exciting and analyse your skillset to understand what suits your profile and interest.

Prepare a Resume and a Cover Letter

These are the two  lethal weapons (Resume & cover letter) that you need before marching into the battleground. Your resume should effectively highlight your skills and strengths. The first step to building a great resume is to list down the abilities that you have identified over the years. Include your strong personal traits, soft skills, interpersonal skills, and your technical skills. Similarly, make changes in your cover letter to keep it in line with the requirements of the job. 

Job Portals

The most obvious place to start is the online job portals. Build your profile and make sure it is complete in all respects. It is important to target your search towards the right category of jobs rather than doing random searches. Most online portals let you filter your job search down to the minutest of details such as skills, job type, location, etc. This ensures that you apply for and get offers for only the jobs that are best suited for you. Some of the most popular job portals for freshers include first Rozgarkhoj. There are opportunities for freshers on Workex, Apna and  WorkIndia as well.

Maintain good Social Media Profiles

The recruitment process today goes beyond  CV’s and  interview. Recruiters often go through the your social media profiles to gauge if you are a good  match for their company. Nowadays, you can find job openings on Facebook, Twitter, and even on Instagram. Follow the right pages/accounts; keep checking them regularly.

Apply for Walk-in Interviews

Keep an eye out on walk-in-interview announcements. Most companies publish notifications in newspapers, on their websites and online job boards Walk-in interviews are great when it comes to initial introduction and screening of candidates. In a walk-in interview, there is no prior appointment. Just visit the organization’s office and meet the recruiter on the mentioned date and time slot.

Check Company Websites

Many companies update job openings and walk-in updates on their website. Keep checking the relevant company’s career section.