Is blue collar worker jobs Disrespectful?Why People Think

We are talking today about blue collar worker and there position in our community  people generally possess a strong desire to construct positive, dignified work identities.

However, this goal may be more challenging for some people, such as blue collar workers, whose occupations may not offer qualities typically associated with workplace dignity.

India has over 300 million blue-collared workers, and this number is growing with decline in agricultural employment and addition of around 7-8 million new college graduates to the workforce every year, 60% of which lack employability skills, and end up joining.

Blue collar are now a days

All jobs are important and valuable dignity is located in the quality of the job performed and dignity emerges from the way people treat and are treated by others.

Participants communicated these themes by back grounding their own occupations and drawing comparisons between two out groups, low-status, low paid dirty workers and high-prestige.

white-collar professionals implications for understanding how identity work is negotiated and for managing a blue-collar workforce are explained.

Employment footprints are changing quickly, driven by the shift from Industrial Capitalism to Technology Capitalism.

There will be dislocations, disruptions and new types of skills required from people.

We thinks some of the most exciting companies will be built on top of helping manage this transition effectively and humanely for blue collar worker.

Now a days Blue collar workers are mostly active in industries such as warehousing, oil fields, firefighting, construction, manufacturing, sanitation, custodial work and technical installations.

Blue collar jobs are highly specialized and require someone to be skilled in performing a certain task, but generally, do not require formal education.

Companies in eCommerce and logistics are reducing their fixed costs by not hiking salaries and, instead, giving out bigger performance-linked incentives.

According to recruitment firms such as Rozgarkhoj, Waah Jobs.these job portals meets the real  situation of blue collar worker and continuously work for this particular kind of opening to there portal.

They have very simple process to provide jobs to blue collar worker and have big category captured for this particular job type.