Blue-Collar Workers–An Employing Challenge

Blue collar worker jobs just imagine having to do a task that involves fuel, coal, oil, or even handling the sewers. I can guarantee you that if you start your day with one of these jobs wearing a white shirt, you will not return in the same condition. Yet, if you had worn a darker color, you can hide most of the stains. That is how the term blue collar came into existence.

These workers have been working since the 1920s and they still do. Yet there are certain challenges we will see here where employers face when recruiting blue-collar workers.

Challenges faced by employers in employing blue-collar workers

· Change in the literacy level of people. The current running generations (Y and Z) prefer to go more into the white-collar jobs list. As they get a better education, their preference is to work in offices and companies which fall into the white-collar job examples such as Managers, CEOs, and Executives.

· Staff having the inflexibility to attend to personal problems as they work in fixed hours. This is a challenge equal to blue collar worker and employers. As the workers have to work in fixed schedules, they cannot attend to personal problems if they arise, and it leads them to keep quitting jobs. This creates the process of going through the employment recruitment cycle all over again.

Blue Collar Workers Hotspot In India

A blue-collar worker applies to someone who is involved a fair deal of manual labour through his occupation,these workers work in some of the most traditional sectors, such as warehousing, oil fields, firefighters, manufacturing, processing, sanitation, custody, and technical installations.

While certain people in these positions get annual compensation or are paid for the job, most blue-collar employees are paid an hourly wage. Blue-collar positions are extremely skilled and require someone to do a mission.

They may not need rigorous instruction, however, for the most part.Usually, a secondary school certificate or GED is all appropriate for this form of job.